Fluent English Speaking Sales Staff Needed Now

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Fluent English Speaking Sales Staff Needed Now

Descripción de la oferta

American Based Company paying American style wages. CSS Colombia is a branch of a 16-year old American company that employs around 300 people in a number of sites both here in Colombia and in the U.S.A. We have been in Barranquilla for four years and have expanded every year since we opened. We are specialists in selling energy savings programs and particularly ?Green Energy solutions? for our Blue Planet. Our better reps are earning between $4.000.000 and $7.000.000 COP per month, take home!! CSS Colombia is right NOW looking for motivated English speakers to earn MASSIVE incomes. If you speak fluent English and are MOTIVATED to work hard to earn massive money that is the only Qualification we require. We will train you on how to do everything else. BELOW ARE REAL SALARIES BEING EARNED IN Barranquilla. This week our top reps have taken home the following paychecks:

N. CASTILLO $1.739.268 COP
A. NATERA $1.261.755 COP
D. URREGO $949.537 COP
F. SILVA $925.976 COP
J. NARVAEZ $903.285 COP
N. ZANKO $898.141 COP
E. SIERRA $873.765 COP
M. PRADA $833.765 COP
J. JULIO $824.094 COP
N. PERAZA $811.389 COP
E. MUELLER $786.369 COP
J. MARTINEZ $670.889 COP
L. AMARIS $665.889 COP
S. GUERRERO $661.712 COP
V. BATALLA $650.460 COP
W. PANTOJA $627.416 C0P

This is take-home pay earned in one week, this does not include Cesantias, Vacation pay, Primas, health insurance or pension payments. If you believe you have what it takes, you must contact us today! We are very proud that people are making serious money at CSS Colombia, we want YOU to be one of them too. Contact us today for an interview and start your new career this week.


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